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How One Step at a Time Brings You One Step Closer to HOME

The Stanley Who, What, Why
Committed to success through his "work hard, play hard" mentality, it’s no surprise that Stanley was raised with a strong work ethic. His first job, in his early teens, was working in construction with his dad everyday after school – father and son pouring concrete together in the vein of maintaining local roadways. Hard work? You bet. But Stanley wouldn’t have had it any other way. Early on, he appreciated how he had to use his mind and test his body to get through the afternoon’s workload. No different today, Stanley continues to put his all into every sale, every client interaction. Having carefully selected real estate as his career – as much to feed his desire for personal growth as to strike out on a quest to achieve professional success – Stanley’s determination and resolve was tested early.

The One Step at a Time Philosophy, Stanley-Style
Have you ever heard someone talk about being exactly where and who they are today because of their recognition of and appreciation for each and every decision they made, each and every experience they had? Well, that is no less true for Stanley Groves. Those of us that speak "one step at a time" quietly to ourselves usually do so to remind ourselves to appreciate where we are, who we’re with, what we’re doing and where we’ve been. Stanley embraces "one step at a time" as a reminder to live and celebrate each day and to share his talents with others. You, his clients, benefit from this more than you may realize.

When a Positive Attitude and Perseverance Prevail
In his early 20s, driving home one evening, Stanley experienced a life changing event. Harley motorcycle. Loose gravel in the road. Sliding. Flipping. Sky. Ground. Darkness. Tragedy. Devastation. Stanley would spend the better part of a year with crushed vertebrae – paralyzed from the waist down – and faced with the possibility of never walking again. Broken spirited. Frustrated. Stanley was a shell of his former self. Like the sun coming out after days of rain, Stanley finally saw the way up, through and out of his situation. With the support of kind person who befriended him in the rehabilitation center, his rise began. The determination to walk again one day started with a focus on one step at a time, one day at a time.

Why Share the Story
Stanley’s is meant to be a feel good story. It’s insight into his philosophy, upon which his business is based. Stanley recognizes and appreciates that just as his story is unique to him, so, too, are your stories unique to you. He embraces the differences in his staff and in his clients. He celebrates the opportunity to jump to his feet, get to know you and go to work for you. You can be assured that Stanley will listen to you – whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, new to the area, changing your housing situation to suit the next stage of your life or just asking for directions on the street. Perseverance. Persistence. Drive. Initiative. Enthusiasm. Determination. Add some energy and honesty and you have the make up of Stanley Groves.

Two-Stepping with Stanley
Stanley Groves & Associates has the solutions to address your individual real estate requirements. Whether you’re on a deadline or have time for a leisurely search, Stanley has and does what it takes to get the job done. One step at a time, Stanley works to take you One Step Closer to HOME. Take your first step, today.
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Young, enthusiastic and full of Carroll County life.
As a life long resident of Carroll County, Maryland, Stanley Groves has grown both personally and professionally within the area. It's important to know that when you work with Stanley Groves & Associates, he knows the "ins and outs" of the area, whether you're discussing a move to the rolling green hills and farmlands or you need to know about the new family neighborhoods and schools, Stanley's insightful knowledge of Carroll County helps you find the property that meets your unique needs and immediate moving requirements.



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